Thursday, February 20, 2020

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry has taken off like wildfire!!!  We make items for church members, church mission trips, and local charities.  A major key for a successful ministry is a passion to serve, to share God's love with others, and to have a mission statement.  Our is:  To bring God's love, comfort and peace to those in need, using the talents God gave us to share his love with others.

We meet and pass on our skill and share creative ideas with others.  We start each meeting with a devotional and prayer for God's care, protection, strength, patience, perseverance and healing.  We do not know where our shawls, lapghans, scarves, etc. with travel, or what the needs are for each recipient.  We believe that the power and mystery of the Holy Spirit will place our items where they are needed the most; to the most critical needs in nursing homes in our community, members who are confined at home, or in the hospital.

We are all recipients, maybe not of a shawl, but of the grace that God gives us just being a part of this ministry.  We are inspired by some of the most beautiful, wise, talented, creative, skilled and eager-to-learn women. 

The Lord is with us and His Spirit is all around us.  Being a part of the prayer shawl ministry is truly being wrapped in God's arms.

prayer shawl 1 prayer shawl 3 prayer shawl 2